A very good morning !

The most important moment of the day. But a start of the day without breakfast is no problem.

Our breakfast is a wide range of sweet and salty, from regional products to Italian coffee.
Fresh rolls and coffee cakes from the bakery, eggs, meat, cheese, yogurt ....
And of course our delicious "Loon regional products" such as the Loon syrup, apple juice, ...
The jam is made by our mother and the fruit is freshly cut by us.

Breakfast is served from 8.30 a.m. (Sunday 9 a.m.). We cannot always be there, because we also work in the barbershop. We provide everything so you don't need us. We do not wake you up, you wake up and have breakfast whenever you wish.

If you want to have breakfast before 8.30 am, that is also possible, we prepare everything in the kitchen the night before.

In the room

Breakfast will be served in a fruit box. It will be standing in front of your room at 8.30. This way you can awaken and having breakfast when it suits you. In the fruit box you will find fresh sandwiches and local products like “syrup from Borgloon” and apple juice. The marmalade is from my mother and we cut the fresh fruit in the morning.

In the kitchen

Do you opt for breakfast in the kitchen?
Then the breakfast will be prepared at 8.30 am (Sunday 9 am).
You wake up when you wish and you come to breakfast when it suits you. (before 11.30 am)

If you wish to have breakfast earlier, breakfast from the night before is already prepared in the fridge. You can then easily serve yourself.

In our city garden

On a nice day you can also have breakfast in our small city garden, enough sunny places.

Book your room
Check the availability and rates of the rooms.. When you have decided please book immediately online!